Niteo is company, located in Slovenia. From 2009 we’ve been successfully collaborating with several chains in our region; such as DM Slovenia, as well as DM Serbia, DM Bosnia, Drogerie stores Tuš Slovenia, E. Leclerc Slovenia, Rossmann Polland, Lilly Drogerie Serbia, Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria, Kuca Hemije Montenegro etc. We also working with different internet sites (https://www.spleticna.si, https://www.lijepa.hr, https://www.ekupi.hr/, https://bazzar.hr/, https://www.abrakadabra.com, https://www.parfimo.it/,.. ).

 Our main assortment is fragrance and cosmetic, both prestige as well mass.. We offer the ˝know how˝ about category and we work close with company to meet their goals. We work with 2 biggest suppliers in Europe, one located in UK and one in Czech Republic. We also distribute several brands such as XPELDermacolCorsair.

During this time, we’ve learned a lot and gained all the necessary experiences to work successfully with large chains or internet companys. Our cooperation with companies is excellent, due to our team’s clear objectives, good communication, appropriate leadership and mutual cooperation.

Some of our partners