Who are we? Our company is a collective of professional, determined and goal oriented people.

Niteo, d.o.o. is a Slovenian company.
From 2009 we’ve been successfully collaborating with several large chain stores in our region, such as DM Slovenia, as well as DM Serbia, DM Bosnia, Drogerie stores Tuš Slovenia, E. Leclerc Slovenia, Rossmann Polland, Lilly Drogerie Serbia, Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria, Kuca Hemije Montenegro, etc.
We are also working with different e-shop retailers.
(https://www.spleticna.si, https://www.lijepa.hr, https://www.ekupi.hr/, https://bazzar.hr/, https://www.abrakadabra.com, https://www.parfimo.it/,.. ).

 Our main assortiment covers fragrances and cosmetics, both prestige as well mass. We offer the ˝know how˝ about category and we work close with company to meet their goals. Our partners are the biggest suppliers in Europe. We are also offical distributor of several brands such as XPEL, Dermacol, Corsair.

During ten years we’ve learned a lot and gained all the necessary experiences to work successfully with large chains or internet companies (e-shops). Our cooperation with companies is excellent, due to our team’s clear objectives, good communication, appropriate leadership and mutual cooperation.


As the owner and CEO of Niteo, he is a one in a kind entrepreneur, who has all the threads of the business in his hands – with the help of an excellent female team, that is. His knowledge has been accumulating in the world’s leading corporations for decades; there he has gained immense experience. In 2009 he began his own business career. He is best known for admirable managerial and negotiating skills, thinking outside of the box and outstanding expertise knowladge. His most powerful competences are giving excellent business advice, staying calm in stressful situations and taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.

Moto: There are no obsticles, only challenges.

Dejan Žgalin

CEO / Owner


Her main passions are sales, cosmetics, fragrances and all the beauty of luxury brands. She combined her passion with her career, which she started as a trainer for leading luxury cosmetics brands and continued as a product manager. In 2007 she joined the international drug store chain, where she took over managing the stores as area operational manager. In 2009 she joined Niteo as the main project manager; today she continues her career driven by her passion for sales as a sales director.

Moto: Goal oriented person- eagger to learn new things.

Maruša Slapničar

Sales director

She has always been dedicated to the cosmetic world. Consequently, she began her career as a make up artist and devoted her life to her passion – the world of beauty. Later on she continued her career in the cosmetic world as a brand manager. Her most prominent  feature is optimism. She is successful in sales and  always available to customers  with her expertise and knowledge. She tries to satisfy even the most demanding  tasks.


Moto: Never give up and always look on the bright side of life.

Katarina Berisha


She began her career in the administration and successfully continued her upgrading of knowledge in logistics and operational processes. She is distinguished by exceptional technical knowledge and organization of the entire administrative and logistic process. She really is a woman of many talents, who is committed to her work and is always ready to help.


Moto: I really like doing good work and working with good people – that’s the thing that drives me.

Anka Jere

Sales & logistics assistant